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Top Ways to Use LED’s Downlights for Homes

LED stands for ‘light emitting diode ‘which is a semiconductor device, which converts electricity into light. It is a more efficient and better alternative to regular halogen or incandescent lighting, as they use about 85 percent less energy than they do. A normal LED bulb has a life span of 50,000 hours, as compared to incandescent bulb, which is 12,000 hours, which means their life span is almost 50 times longer than incandescent lighting. There is a variety of LED downlights in the market to choose from which are wattage, lumens, lumens per watt is, beam angle, etc. Type of LED teamed with the correct color temperature will brighten up your house like Christmas! The color temperature will determine the ambiance of the room so it’s important to think this thoroughly.

LED Downlights Australia
LED Downlights

The color temperature is usually between cool white and warm white. A cool white is used in areas like kitchen or laundry areas where the surroundings need to feel cooler and a warm white is used in bedrooms and living rooms because it exudes a cozy and intimate vibe required for the room atmosphere. Although, LED lights are more expensive and will require more labor as compared to halogen or incandescent lighting the cost can be recovered in form of savings, as it requires less energy and overall, the longer life span of LED downlights, which is 50 times more than halogen or incandescent lighting. 

How to Use LED Downlights in Your Home? 

  • Ceiling Lights - LED bulbs typically provide a clean, bright light that is sometimes criticized against the warm glow of incandescent. They also use less of heat output. A cool white is normally suggested for task-oriented areas like kitchen and a warm white for living rooms, etc.
  • Lamps - A table lamp should use LED bulb, as they create a warmer or cozy environment and due to the variety of colors available can be adjusted to suit your desired ambience. A floor lamp can use cool white LED bulb, as they can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • Closets-LED Downlights - Will make the colors in your closet pop more and help you distinguish better between colors and designs. You can use warm white or cool white or a combination of both to draw attention to certain areas of your closet.
  • Wall & Art Décor - One of the best uses of LED downlights is highlighting art and other wall décor. LED lights are used for showcasing highly valuable art because they emit less heat and don’t produce ultraviolet light. Track lighting and battery-powered fixtures are also ways to use light up a piece of art or wall décor or a frame. These are usually brighter than the normal LED room lighting.
  • Track Lights - This is practical, as well as looks beautiful once set up around the house. It can help you navigate through the house where you need it. You can use big or small LED bulbs to configure your way and provides you light exactly where you need it. The possibilities are endless!
  • TV/Entertainment Centre - Different colors or color changing LED strips can be used to illuminate walls or compartments. These are mostly done for decorative purpose to highlight the entertainment center in the room. It gives a cooler vibe or adds a new ambience to the room.

LED Downlights
LED Downlights

LED downlights in different shapes and sizes like those that of bulbs or strips can be easily installed in places normal bulbs can’t be like drawers or closets or kitchen cabinets. The possibilities are endless with LED so be wise and get LED supplies!

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