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Kitchen Renovation Facts - Knowing the Kitchen Tap

As a proud homeowner you must be very careful about keeping your home as comfortable and as beautiful as possible. Just like any other home owner when it comes to home improvement you must be very choosy.  The kitchen is the powerhouse of any home and it needs remodeling from time to time including changing worn out amenities like counter tops, sinks, tiles etc. A kitchen tap is an important part of the kitchen and as plumbing system wears out with time the faucets need replacements as well.

Kitchen Tap
Kitchen Tap
The kitchen is the busiest part of the home and people spend most of the time cooking in the kitchen. This specific task calls for a lot of cleaning too which requires continuous water supply in the kitchen. It is the prime reason why a kitchen tap is the integral part of the kitchen especially the sink. No one can imagine a kitchen sink without a faucet as without water supply the sink may become pretty useless or just be another storage space. Unlike a bathroom tap a kitchen tap is more about functionality rather than luxury.

Why Upgrading of Kitchen Taps are More of a Necessity? 

You need to understand the need for replacing your kitchen tap. Most of us only replace it when it is leaking or not working properly, i.e. basically when the water supply in the kitchen is perturbed. This approach is necessity based as most of us are driven by our necessities and that is perfectly fine. But improving the functionality and adding more comfort are always added criteria for making faucet replacements. We do not wear the same dress every day or we keep changing hairstyles simply to improve our personal outlooks. The same way a gorgeous kitchen faucet can really change the way your kitchen looks and you can feel the pride when other people visiting your kitchen appreciate your unique style.

Kitchen Taps
Kitchen Taps 

Kitchen Taps Variants: 

When you have decided to change your kitchen faucets and you start looking for different faucet options online or in stores you may feel surprised at the variety of it. The kitchen taps vary from one another in shapes, sizes, designs, way of working and more. These vary in quality and materials as well as these are mostly made up of metals like brass or stainless steel. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages and it is wise to gain a little knowledge about the different variations of kitchen taps. Here are a few kitchen tap types: 
  • Conventional Three-piece Model: This is the most widely used and traditional model with a common water outlet which has separate handles for hot and cold water. Depending on the model handles can be replaced by twisting mechanism as well. Such models are mostly serving the basic usage and if you look in different brands you may find a lot of design options.
  • Mixer Taps: These taps offer superior functionality as in case of such faucets you get lukewarm water supply out of the water outlet as the hot and cold-water mixes inside the faucet body before it comes out. They can be operated using a single switch and are better than twisting or using handles. These taps are contemporary designed keeping the environment needs in mind and contribute a great deal towards water conservation compared to old three-piece models.
  • Designer Automatic Taps: This is the most contemporary variant of a kitchen tap. These are enabled with special sensors to detect the need of water outflow. These are offered in a wide range of stylish designs.

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