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How to Choose the Best Car Battery?

Car battery is the main source of electrical energy on any car and any fault in your car battery can cause damage to the other components of your car. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the car battery after a certain period of time and in this regard, you can always consult with your nearest car battery dealers or car mechanic. But most people think that they do not need to spend much amount on their car batteries and they do not even bother about other car parts. But at the later stage, when they face some worse situations like sudden breakdown of a car, non-functioning air conditioner and issues in other car parts, especially when the car’s battery stops working then they do not know where to go. So it is better to take you time and do some research beforehand on car battery dealership.  Moreover, before choosing a car battery from a renowned dealership, you need to consider their size, brand, reverse capacity and cold cranking amps. Even if you purchase and use one then you must check their age also and if its old you may consider replacing it with a new one for better performance.

Car Battery

#5 Things to Consider Before You Choose A Car Battery:

  1. Size of the car battery:  size of the car battery indicates the height and width of the battery. Today car batteries are available in various sizes such as 10”x6, 8”x7 and 10”x16. So you need to choose the size which fits in your car perfectly. If you choose a wrong size battery for your car then it will not fit into your car and the imperfect size of battery will damage your vehicle also. In this regard, you can read the car manual to find out the right size.
  2. Brand of the car battery: there are various kinds of car batteries available in the market and most of them have similar name, but their serial numbers are different. So it is really difficult to find the best car battery. In this case, you should check their reverse capacity as well as warranty level before buying. Apart from that, you can also check company’s customer reviews to know their present reputation and choose the best one for your car accordingly.
  3. Reverse capacity: before you replace your car battery you need to check the reverse capacity of the new one. This is considered as the ‘standing power” and reverse capacity is measured on the basis of the minimum voltage output of the car battery. So higher reverse capacity is better and you must choose a car battery which has at least 100 minutes reverse capacity.
  4. Cold-cranking amps: cold cranking amps or CCA will help you to run the car during winter. During the cold season, the oil will become thick and you cannot warm up your car engine easily. Also, it is difficult to start the in adverse weather conditions and especially if you live in a cold climate then you must choose a car battery which has at least 800amps. That means, it can support 800amps for 30 seconds at zero degree temperature.    
  5. Age of the battery: every car battery has a level mentioned with some digits which indicates the date and year of manufacturing. Here alphabet such as A, B, C and D stands for January, February, March and April, and number such as 9, 0, and 1 stands for 1999, 2000, and 2001. So you can check these digits and choose a recent battery for your car.
Car Battery
The cost of a car battery depends on its brand, reserve capacity and warranty period. But still you can save money by searching these batteries online and you can easily avail some discounts on these car batteries. Today, you have ample options online and you can compare their prices to choose an affordable one.
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