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How to Find the Best Aluminium Screen Doors?

A front door is basically that main entrance point through which one gets in and out of the house. Well installed doors do not only provide a sense of safety, but also enhance the fancifulness of the house. Beautiful doors put the best impression on the guests. In the same context, screen doors complement the main doors by letting the breeze and light in while keeping the harmful bugs and insects out of the house!

Aluminium Screen Doors
In this article, let’s move forward to understand how can aluminum screen doors be the savior and the key aspects to keep in mind while choosing the best screen doors for the house.

Screen Door Types Which One to Choose?

While screen doors have been in practice since many years, there have been little, yet noticeable advancements and varieties with time. There is a vast range of screen doors available in the market. But what should be the right type for a specific house? To begin with, let’s find out the different type of doors presently in practice.

1. Swinging units

The traditional ones! They are also referred to as hinge screen doors. These can be either aluminum or wood framed. Both options can be easily fixed with hinges and lasts for a long. They are installed on the exterior track of the main door and open outwards. Swinging aluminum screen doors can be made to match the existing look and style of the main door. They come with and without an adjustable sweep on the bottom.

2. Sliding units

Sliding doors have been in fashion for a considerable time. Again, the frame of these doors can be made from hardwood as well as intruded/extruded aluminum material. A sliding door can be installed on the exterior side – unlike hinge doors, it opens and closes by sliding to the left or right.

3. Retractable units

The rolling or retractable sliding screen doors are easier and quick to install and come in a variety of color options to suit the requirement. They come in two parts – a metal strip that needs to be fixed at one side and the rolling door system to be fixed at the opposite side of the door frame.
The door unrolls to get attached to the magnetic strip on the opposite side and rolls back in order to open the door. Retractable doors are comparatively costly and require more installation time.

Aluminium Screen Doors

What to Consider When Buying Aluminum Screen Doors?

One should choose the type of aluminum screen doors that suit best for a certain house-type and environment. Screen doors come in standard sizes as per the custom requirements.
  • Cost: The screen material used for the mesh can be fiberglass, aluminum or vinyl. While opting the best, durable vinyl screen doors, the budget should be higher. Although, it is recommended to go for aluminum screen doors as they provide the same safety, heavy duty and durability at a cut of the cost. The selection of frame material can be based on whether the house is built of timber or otherwise.
  • Quality: There are many who tend to consider cost of the screen doors over quality, however that should never be the case. You must find a perfect balance between both the factors, so that at the end of the day you are able to explore value for money options.
  • Measurements: Proper frame measurements should be taken to ensure the best fit for existing doors. It is advised to consult the manufacturer of the main door to find out if it also provides the screen doors and its installation services.


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