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How Can You Contribute in The Processing of Recycled Plastic Pallets?

After a few days of the introduction of shipping pallets, plastic pallets were introduced as they proved to be much better than the wooden or the metal pallets. There have been several reasons, why plastics pallets are much reliable than the pallets made of other materials. Plastic pallets are light in weight and are durable in nature. It has been checked out that plastic pallet can go for as many as 50 – 500 trips, depending upon the type of pallet, that is almost 10 times more than the wooden pallets.

Recycled Plastic Pallets
Recycled Plastic Pallets

Why Plastic Pallets Are Recycled?

These days many times we listen about the recycled plastic pallets. When the wooden pallet gets old, they are not recycled, rather are used in other activities such as a fuel agent in furnaces. But in case of plastic pallet, the recycle work can take place.

Plastic pallets are made of plastic along with oil and coal. As oil and coal are natural resources, they are lost permanently after some time. But plastic is a material that does not decompose so easily. Thus, a better idea is to recycle it so that it can be used once again in a new form.

When Is the Good Time for The Recycle?

So, a question that arises is that, when can you know that the plastic pallet can go for recycle. If the plastic pallet has a cut or some damages in it, you can take it to the supplier of the pallets. If it is a minor damage, then the supplier can help you in getting it mended. But if it is noticed that the damage is huge and nothing can be done at all, then the best idea is to get it recycled. Today, there is a huge market of recycled plastic pallets as it offers the same reliability as the new ones.

Which Plastics Are Used in Recycle Process?

Recycled plastic pallets are a bit different from the new plastic pallets as because they are made up mostly of various recycled objects available. Most of the processing units that produce these pallets use HDPE, but there are also some other postindustrial scraps that are being used for the process. Some such scraps that are being used for the production are silicates, rubber and polypropylene. Some other materials that are used at times are fiberglass and scrap car bumpers.

Normally, huge scraps from industrial belts are used for the manufacturing of these pallets, but in some of the units smaller scraps such as bottles and jugs are used.

Recycled Plastic Pallets
Recycled Plastic Pallets

How Can You Recycle the Plastic Pallets?

Here is a process through which you can recycle your plastic pallets. 
  • If the plastic pallets have become scrap, still it is important to dump them at a safe place. Leaving them in open air will either destroy them even more or can to be stolen as it can get good price.
  • Contact the dealer from whom the pallets have been bought. If the dealer agrees to take back the pallets for recycling, then go for it.
  • If the dealer is not interested in recycling, then it is the time to search for the proper place for recycling.
  • Search for a few plastic recycling company around you and notify them with the number of the triangle arrow (this number is printed on the pallets). You can sell the pallets to the company who agrees to take them after accepting the number you provided. 
Today, recycled plastic pallets have also increased in demand along with the new plastic pallets. Hence, selling off the scrap pallets can be a profitable event for the user.

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